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Total health solution to restore your body function, naturally

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Daftar segera di sini untuk menikmati pelbagai ganjaran dan keistimewaan sebagai ahli

Tahukah anda?

Sebagai ahli kami, kami akan bimbing anda untuk berjaya sebagai usahawan Tupperware. Hubungi kami untuk maklumat lanjut.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bayangkan pendapatan anda berganda 10x

Tips Dari Irfan Khairi

Pernah tak anda bayangkan pendapatan anda berganda 10x. Sekiranya pendapatan anda RM3,000 sebulan, bayangkan keadaan anda sekiranya anda mendapat RM30,000 sebulan.

Pernahkah anda bayangkan keadaan ini? Bagaimanakah perasaan anda dan keadaan anda sekiranya pendapatan anda adalah 10x ganda kini?

Mustahil? Sudah tentu tidak. Tetapi pernahkah anda terfikir, untuk anda berpendapatan 10x ganda sekarang, adakah anda perlu bekerja 10x ganda lebih banyak? atau 10x ganda lebih keras?

Berbanyak berfikir dan bayangkan bagaimana caranya untuk anda gandakan pendapatan anda 10x ganda.

What ever the mind conceive, it can acheive! Sekiranya anda boleh bayangkan bagaimana caranya untuk anda gandakan pendapatan anda 10x ganda, ia bermakna langkah pertama anda sudah selesai! :)

Apakah langkah kedua? Mudah…

Ketahui siapakah yang berpendapatan 10x ganda dalam industri anda, dan gunakan strategi dan prinsip yang digunakannya!

TIPS - Laungkan masa sekurang-kurangnya 1 kali 1 bulan untuk attend our Tupperware Assembly / Meeting/ Luncheon / Gathering. Anda akan dapat banyak tips dan cara untuk berjaya seperti kami juga !

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Assembly Special

Dear Crystal Consultants & Directors.

We will have special assembly this Saturday, 31st July 2010, 2.30 at our main branch at Ampang. (please contact me for the address).

You can play a games and win Tupperware products ( terms & condition apply)

We will also help consultant to turn as DIQ in August and help Directors to earn more and go BEIJING for FREE !

Please feel free to contact me for further info.


Kurma Gift Set

Kurma Gift Set for the fasting month. A great way to celebrate gift-giving during the Puasa month!

Retail RM58.00

save 25% NOW

RM42.90 per set

Buy 5 set get 1 Tupperware Free worth RM28.50
-(offer only from tupperware4all.blogspot.com)

Send your order here

(scroll your mouse till end of the catalog)

Offer valid till 14th August or while stock last.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update From Jubilee 2010 !!

Hi All,

Seperti yang kita telah sedia maklum, Jubilee 2010 telah berjaya dianjurkan dengan penuh kemeriahan oleh Tupperware Brands !

All HQ staff, We salute u !

Ini antara kemeriahan yang berlangsung sepanjang Jubilee.

Dan team kami, telah meneruskan tradisi pada tahun sebelumnya - WE SAPU HABIS RAINBOW AWARDS !!!


Upline amat penting untuk kejayaan anda dalam TUPPERWARE BRANDS.

Apa tunggu lagi. Sertai TEAM DIAMOND kami hari ini juga. Kerana di Team kami, kami latih mereka untuk mendapat DIAMOND secara PERCUMA !!

Isikan borang keahlian anda di SINI.

Anda pasti berjaya bersama TEAM KAMI !!

Rehearsal pada hari Jumaat

2,200 orang membanjiri SUnway Pyramid COnvention Center. !

Team kami yang penuh bersemangat - Paling Success - FAST - FOCUS - FANTASTIC !

Special VIP Lunch for US !

Sapu bersih DIAMOND !!!

Product Fair

Performance yang sungguh mengujakan !

Lucy Draw !!
(uhuk... saya tak lucky ... :( )

Kesimpulannya, we had a great time. Danced and sang and learned. Inspired and motivated. Great entertainment. Totally awesome and when I see smile on my Directors' face.

Can't wait to go to Beijing for 2011 Jubilee !!! ( I almost forget about Switzerland this September.. goshh )

See you there !!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tupperware Party di UKM, Bangi

Kami akan berada di UKM pada hari AHAD ini, 25th July 2010, jam 10am ( tempat sila call saya 013-3852698)


Semua yg berminat utk sertai kami digalakkan hadir dgn CALL dahulu -


Director saya yg nak join utk belajar & bawa guest - sila inform awal ya.

Siapa yg dah join Tupperware under GROUP lain TIDAK dibenarkan hadir.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Durable Plastic

Tupperware has proven that it has what it takes to be a household name

By Leow Yong May

Ask anyone to name a plastic container of any shape, colour or material, and more often than not, the word Tupperware comes up.

Indeed, Tupperware, a renowned household brand name with a 60-year global presence (45 years in Malaysia), has made a name for itself as a world-class manufacturer of containers that last a lifetime.

Organise your kitchen with Tupperware's range of storage systems and utensils.

Trusted for generations and designed for everyday use, Tupperware products have passed stringent tests and are extremely durable. These are quality products that are food-grade safe, which is important for family health. They are also designed for repeated usage, thus reducing the need for polystyrene containers that will inevitably end up as garbage.

Gone are the days when Tupperware parties were organised by housewives. Today, Tupperware Brands Corporation has evolved into a multi-brand, multi-category, direct sales conglomerate. Brands under the corporation include BeautiControl, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, Fuller Cosmetics, Nuvo, Avroy Shlain and Swissgarde.

Plastic containers today are more than just pretty boxes that store your favourite snacks or leftovers. Consumers nowadays make it a point to look for products that are safe, eco-friendly, of high quality, and able to keep food fresh. ''Tipuware'' is a name commonly used to refer to Tupperware lookalikes and these are usually unable to keep food fresh and crisp.

Because of Tupperware's assurance of its products being safe and of superior quality, many Malaysians have chosen to put their trust in the brand. With that in mind, Tupperware has launched a campaign entitled Come HOME To Tupperware Brands. HOME stands for: Health, Organisation, Money, Environment — which make up the core values of Tupperware.

Because of Tupperware's assurance of its products being safe and of superior quality, many Malaysians have chosen to put their trust in the brand.

All Tupperware products are made from safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials; hence they do not release harmful chemicals into your food or liquid contents. Seeing how the microwave has become such a popular mode of cooking, Tupperware has taken the effort to ensure that all materials used in its products adhere to strict guidelines provided by international bodies such as the Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory (TSCA) in the United States, and are safe for microwave use.

It also brings order to your home — whether in the fridge, freezer, kitchen or cabinet — by providing a range of products to serve different purposes. To keep food fresh while you are in the outdoors, there is the GOFLEX! containers. Or you could opt for the FreezerMate range which helps seal in the freshness and reduces contamination when you store food in the fridge or freezer.

Tupperware's GOFLEX! Containers are great to store snacks and food when you go on a picnic!

Additionally, Tupperware stays relevant in today's society by offering modern and contemporary products with designs that have withstood the test of time. Their designs have won prestigious awards and recognition worldwide, among them the Reddot Awards and, more recently, the 2009-2010 Brand Laureate Award for being the Best Brand in Consumer (Food Storage).

Apart from its exceptional form and function, Tupperware also provides the opportunity for people to earn a decent income. There are currently more than 100,000 Tupperware Brands consultants in Malaysia who have been maximising their income, and many of them can share inspiring success stories. Today, Tupperware has over 70 business centres in Malaysia and Singapore.

What's more important is that Tupperware helps save Mother Earth from further pollution. Due to the durability of its products, less than 5% of Tupperware products are found in landfills. The company even has a take-back policy whereby broken products are sent to a recycling centre to be made into non-food items like plastic cabinets, watering cans, flower pots and heavy-duty plastics.

While the company continues to educate users on reducing waste, Tupperware still believes that it is the consumer who can make a difference.

Despite the accolades which Tupperware has achieved over the years, the brand is not resting on its laurels. The company constantly invests in cutting-edge technologies, and carries out research and development to be at the forefront of design and innovation.

Tupperware products come with a guarantee against chipping, cracking and peeling. Nevertheless, like all products, Tupperware may eventually suffer defects in material or function. If that happens, all you need to do is call your Tupperware Brands consultant for a free replacement (terms and conditions apply).

* To view the extensive range of products, visit tupperware4all.blogspot.com.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Penghantaran Katalog

Salam hormat semua consultant .

Kos pos dah naik bermula Julai 2010. Kos Penghantaran katalog adalah RM1.90 bg setiap seorang ( katalog 50 sen + stem 1.30 + 10sen sampul surat)

Kos pos amat mahal sekiranya saya tanggung semuanya.

Untuk makluman, mulai bulan ini dan bulan seterusnya - penghantaran katalog secara pos akan dihadkan.

Mereka yang mahu / bakal menerima katalog secara pos dari saya adalah :-

- cst yg mempunyai sebarang pembelian dlm bulan ini, akan menerima katalog bg bulan Ogos (14th Ogos)


- cst / recruiter yg merecruit 1 org bulan ini.


- new consultant yg register pada bulan ini

Walaubagaimana pun, kami akan menghantar katalog kepada anda sekiranya :-

Pilihan 1 : Kirimkan kepada saya beberapa keping sampul surat bersize 6x9 dengan nama & alamat sendiri beserta stem berharga RM1.30 ( saya akan berikan katalog 50 sen secara percuma. kalau anda hantar 10 sampul surat, maka anda akan dpt 10 keluaran katalog )

Pilihan 2 : Bank in kepada saya duit stem sekurang-kurangnya untuk 5 keluaran ( 5 x 1.30 ) = 6.50

Pilihan 3 : Sila hadir sendiri di premis kami untuk mengambil katalog PERCUMA seorg sekeping ( atau atas budi bicara )

Sekiranya anda mahukan lebih dari sekeping katalog, tak perlu htr sampul surat beralamat sendiri.
Hanya bank in:-

RM5 + RM4 = rm9.00 :: Bagi penghantaran 10 keping katalog

terima kasih & harap maklum

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2010 dan 2011 Big Event

Salam semua. Saya telah meletakkan diblog http://tupperwaresecretroom.blogspot.com untuk Event & Meeting anjuran HQ bagi sepanjang tahun 2010 & 2011.

Banyakkan membuat aktiviti tak kira dating, party atau promosi diri dan
achieved apa yg telah dirangkakan untuk anda.

(sesiapa yg tak dapat masuk, kena send request kepada saya. thank you.)

2010 & 2011 BIG EVENT (click here)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Legacy Floria Microwaveable Set

Salam hormat.

Hari ini saya terpanggil untuk berkongsi cerita mengenai Legacy Floria Microwaveable Set yang mana sekarang terdapat offer menarik bersempena Ketibaan Ramadhan Al Mubarak & Aidilfitri tidak lama lagi.

Saya secara peribadinya amat menyenagi set ini kerana ;

1) Ringan
2) Mempunyai dwi fungsi - simpanan terus dalam peti ais dan keluarkannya terus masukkan dalam microwave

3) mempunyai set untuk rice sccop atau senduknye tersendiri

4) ada lubang untuk senduk yg diletak di dalam bekas agar bekas ini tertutup sempurna.

5) Selamat -
saya tidak perlu gusar sekiranya menghidangkan makanan dalam set ini kerana kalau jatuh pun tak derlah penat nak pungut serpihan.. (cuma penat kena mop lantai jer )

Jadi apa anda tunggu lagi. Dapatkan sekurang-kurangnya 1 set untuk diri anda dan satu set lagi untuk ibu anda. Jadikannya ianya hadiah Aidilfitri anda. (sila klik image untuk paparan lebih besar )

Kami akan berikan anda diskaun keahlian untuk produk tanpa menunggu lebih lama sekiranya ingin menjadi ahli bersama kami.

Sila isikan borang keahlian di sini daN pada bahagian other, sila isikan Legacy Floria Microwaveable Set. Offer sehingga 14th August 2010 atau While STock Last !

Friday, July 9, 2010

e-Invitation: Come Home to Tupperware Brands

EVERYONE’s invited to our Product Fair on 18 July, Sun, 1.30-7.30pm @ Sunway Convention Centre (Sunway Pyramid).

It’s going to be a day of fun and excitement, but most of all, it’s a great opportunity

for NEW people to know Tupperware Brands; touch, see and feel our products, learn about the

opportunities we offer and have an experience of the exciting world of Tupperware Brands!

Do contact me if you want to come - so I can prepare a mystery Gift for you :wink ( guest only)

Bring a friend along too! Admission is Free.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Advertisment Today !!

Tupperware is seen in The Star, Star Two again today.

Have a delightful read!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Elegant Round Set - Last Unit !!! - SOLD OUT

Elegant yet functional, its perfect to store treats of the season.

Comprises :

4 unit Elegant Round Set 410ml
4 unit Elegant Round Set 630ml


Monday, July 5, 2010

Spirit Of Ramadhan :: 1st July to 14th August 2010

If you would like to order from this catalog, Feel Free to Visit Our Shopping Cart HERE or else you can simply email us your request to sales@anjungsuri.com or crystalsshoppe@gmail.com or please fill in this form. Thank you.