Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tupperware Party Planning

At Tupperware, you will be success if u starts with a party and of course; it’s party all the way thereafter.

There is no initial investment required. When you decide to join the Tupperware family, just start with a party. And don’t worry. Always remember at Tupperware, help is at hand from the word go.

We will help you plan, organize and ensure that your first party is a success and is enjoyable. All you have to do is draw up a guest list and fix a date. You can invite neighbors, friends, family and co-workers.
We will help you display products, demonstrate its use and guide you with how to place orders.

The goal of your first party is to set dates for future parties with as many people as you can. Just watch as the products sell themselves whilst you make money, and have fun at your first party.

The Tupperware Party Planning is not just a Party but a proven 'cycle of success' which includes important step mentioned below.

The Tupperware Cycle of Success begins when you 'date' (schedule) a Tupperware Party with a Crystal (it's me ! ). Remember: If you don't date Tupperware Parties, you're will not know about what is Tupperware in bussiness!

Next, you thoroughly 'party plan' the Tupperware Party with me. This is a brief meeting between me and you as the Hostess to plan the details of the party and to ensure that it will be successful.

The third step is conducting the actual Tupperware Party itself. This is your chance to 'show and tell' what Tupperware products can do for the party Guests. At the Tupperware Party we'll also date future parties.

Order, Deliver and Collect
Finally, you order the Tupperware products, deliver them to your sign up guest or customer and collect the money. Delivery day is your pay-day, another opportunity to date!

In the Tupperware Cycle of Success, each action is important - each moves you forward to the next and ensures a growing and successful business!


Date a party with me

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